I need your help….

I would like to ask a favor, if I can. Well two favors to be exact.

I need some reviews from you all, my baking friends, for 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone.

If you have a minute, go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Deseret Book and write a review of the cookie book. You can even write a review for cupcakes. I won’t mind a bit.

Then, if you haven’t signed up to be a follower of my little blog, please do so… and tell your friends!
I would truly appreciate it. My goal is to reach 500 followers before June 1st, and I do have a way to go.

Thank you in advance. For your thoughts and time.

Happy Reviewing!


Ladies Night Book Signings

It’s that time of year again, Ladies Night at Deseret Book. I will be at 2 stores this year- with samples of course. Swing by and say hi! I’d love to meet you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ft. Union Deseret Book (Midvale, Utah)

6-8 pm
University Village Deseret Book (Provo, Utah)
(Go here to see the Daily Herald listing of other LDS Authors who will be at the U Village store with me.)

Happy Baking

Exteme Chocolate Chip Cookies

Holy cow- I would have to say that I may try some of these ideas, however there are some that I won’t try. Go here for the pics and a little more about the cookies.

Happy Baking!

Pardon our dust….

We are in the process of changing out website…. please excuse me while I get used to the new system…. and all. 🙂


Happy Baking!

The Cake Fu Master Series

For those of you interested in webinars- regarding cakes, cake decorating, and learning from the Masters of Cakes, go here. I came across this website, dedicated to teaching and sharing everything about cakes, cake decorating and recipes. Why not learn from the best of the best?

I am happy to share this with you, the Cake Fu Master Series. Thanks Amelia for sharing with me.

I love continuing to learn more about the things I love, my passion of baking and then eating my creations. I must go sign myself up.

Hope you will too!

Happy Baking1


A few of my favorite things…

This group of favorite things came to mind while I slept one night. Then I thought about them again yesterday. Seems as though when I have a favorite thing, that I repeatedly use and love, I think about them all the time.

1. Fresh baked cookies. Nothing tastes better warm than a freshly baked cookie, right out of the oven. In this photo, it’s the Chocolate Chip Pudding cookie from 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone (p.18)

2. My large round baking stone. I use this stone almost daily, really. It’s seasoned just right, makes the best cookies and bread- my biscuits taste better when made on this stone too. I’ve had it since my wedding, and love, love, love it to pieces…. maybe I shouldn’t say that. It’s in perfect condition. Knock on wood.

3. Folded laundry. How many loads of laundry to you fold each and every week? Last week I counted…. 16. When the laundry is folded and put away, it makes my heart sing. Especially when I can then rest for a day, until the loads pile up again. I try to do several loads each day, and when I am successful- the laundry gets put away faster. It’s only when I wait an entire week in between the loads- because I am too busy, that the laundry piles up. And I can spend 2 days getting thru each and every pile. Here’s to clean laundry folded and put away!

4. Finding something on sale that you wanted. I love retail therapy- one thing you already know about me. But what I love even more, is finding the item that you wanted, but passed on purchasing the 1st time you saw it- and it’s now on sale! That’s when I know that it’s meant to be.

Happy Baking!

Happy National Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Day!

Happy National Macaroni & Cheese Day!

I featured this recipe a while ago, and I am going to remind us all about it. Go here to view my version of Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese, kid approved. It makes so much, you can have some for leftover night, or send some to work with your hubby. Or better yet, save some for your lunch the next day.

Happy Baking!